Innovation Lab

Innovation from co-creation


Multi-stakeholder collaborations, involving R&D companies, technology and healthcare providers, research institutes, governments and patient organizations have been proven to be a key success factor in addressing many of the unmet medical needs.

This is, however, exactly where the industry tends to struggle: its historic reliance on closed, more traditional models of product development and asset protection is causing it to lag behind more creative competitors and industries.

With our “Innovation Lab”, we stimulate the value of open innovation in life sciences and healthcare:

  • multi-stakeholder community: we bring together a diverse network of stakeholders, acting as part of the value chain, to initiate and manage innovation projects. Through our funding services, we can help securing the necessary resources.
  • user-centric approach: we include the user experience and needs (e.g. involvement of patients and healthcare workers) to complement the expert input in science and technology.
  • new business models: we share knowledge among stakeholders and adopt asset sharing principles. We test new business models in ‘living labs’ for Proof of Concept projects, sustainable market introduction and scale-up.


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