Fast Track to Value

Fast Track to Value is our flexible and scalable methodology – ensuring efficient management of our clients’ projects.

  • DEFINE: Here’s where we set up the project for success.
    The business need and project purpose are defined - including objectives, scope, deliverables, success criteria and constraints. An initial list of project stakeholders is identified and their expectations are aligned with the project’s purpose.
  • PLAN: Planning is done in 3 steps:
    • Step 1 focuses on getting the project team together and fully defining the project scope.
    • Step 2 focuses on the project tasks, milestones, required resources and possible risks.
    • Step 3 focuses on project communication, stakeholder engagement and project change.
  • EXECUTE: During regular team meetings, the project manager coordinates the team and resources to produce the project deliverables. Execution is monitored against the detailed project plan.
  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Proposed project changes are submitted as Project Change Requests. These are reviewed and approved/declined by a Change Control Board.  If approved, the Project Plan is modified to incorporate the change(s).
  • REPORT PROGRESS: Stakeholders are kept up-to-date on the project’s progress using a standard one-page format.
  • PROJECT CLOSURE: The project team conducts reviews to ensure that the project deliverables are completed and meet the specifications identified in the success criteria. The project team also identifies and documents the lessons learned.


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