Accelerating R&D

The Life Science sector is going through a period of significant transformation. Fast and qualitative delivery of Innovative solutions to patients, customers and communities in need will be a key element of value creation and sustainability in the wider Healthcare sector.

We have developed VIRTICUBE (Virtual Innovation Incubator) to help transform ideas and early stage innovation projects into meaningful outcomes. VIRTICUBE targets organizations, institutes, universities, companies and individuals with brilliant ideas, in an early stage of development, where a multi-stakeholder approach and funding is required to be successful.

The following are key components of the VIRTCUBE platform approach:

  • A strong value proposition –  product valuation
    Together with you, we develop a Strong Value Proposition around your idea or early stage concept.  Depending on the opportunity we may include a fit-for-purpose market analysis and/or high level business plan review.  By doing so, we maximize the chances of successfully incubating the project, and delivering upon the expected outcomes of all stakeholders involved. 
  • An integrated multi-stakeholder development plan
    An integrated development plan that identifies and includes all stakeholders required in the incubation process of your idea, is the most critical success factor for each multi stakeholder project.  Through a ‘smart matchmaking’ process we can help you to connect with prequalified capability partners essential to execute the project. Together with all stakeholders and partners we will build and refine a fit-for-purpose business and/or financial plan.
  • Adapted (early-stage) funding schemes
    Our experts will work with you to analyze the various funding options. Non-dilutive funding could come from public sources (IMI, NIH…) or any non-dilutive grants. CMAST has access to grant schemes all over the world.  Alternatively, we are happy to connect you with experts familiar with the world of venture capital.
  • Successful execution through program & project management (Fast Track to Value)
    Throughout the lifespan of the entire incubation project, both our project management and scientific experts will ensure that all the work agreed upon is executed within time and budget. We bring together the right expertise at the right time. Through our global network of partners, we are not limited to a specific technology, one geography or field of expertise.
  • Value added outcomes
    Bringing your idea to the next value flex point is what will drive our experts throughout the entire lifespan and scope of the incubation project. For some opportunities, we could be looking to start up a new company. For other opportunities, we can help you to license the product out to a partner. We are open to discuss with you any scheme that can reward CMAST for its contribution, and shared risk or investment, in the project. 


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