Our mission is to have a real impact on people’s lives.

With our team of project managers and business consultants, we contribute to the creation and development of innovative healthcare solutions, and accelerate the availability of those solutions to society.

With our experts and expertise, we have built a strong reputation as a Trusted Third Party in the life sciences ecosystem.

Our vision is to become a leading project management and consultancy company - where talent development is maximized, where you feel part of a team, where it’s fun to work and where together with our clients we shape the future of healthcare, driven from a passion to deliver value to the life sciences ecosystem.

To realize our vision, we have chosen to become part of The Adecco Group.

The Adecco Group is a talent and HR solution market leader, well positioned in the life sciences segment and an ideal partner to expand our services across the globe.

Our CMAST professionals are now part of a solid corporate backbone structure where they can be inspired, motivated, trained and developed to embrace the future of work. They will work in environments where they are empowered to thrive, stimulated to succeed and given every chance to make their individual future better and brighter than ever before.