04 December 2018 194

The importance of analysing data in today’s complex market environment

Global businesses are increasingly using the vast amount of data they have - mostly stored in different databases. They only recently started to understand and use the power of business intelligence

This underlines the constant shift towards automatization and technology-driven solutions, which allows companies to use, analyze and visualize data in a more prominent & efficient way. Within that regard, companies are investing both in technical solutions as well as data-minded employees.

Companies providing BI Tools, such as Tableau, Microsoft (Power BI) and QlickView have been competing for the number 1 spot within this market. But BI tools not only strive for deeper data analysis, they also focus increasingly on providing a user-friendly experience. In the past, Business Intelligence and Data Analysis were associated with IT departments crunching numbers from large data files. Today, we notice a shift towards data being available for all employees in an accessible tool, with a larger focus on user-friendliness.

This article describes the increasing interest in Business Intelligence and highlights some key results from a large survey held by Forbes Insights. 

How can we at CMAST help?

At CMAST, we have a significant number of Business Consultants passionate about data analysis and visualization. Our young and dynamic team has a lot of affinity with technology and BI tools. We offer support in Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, although other BI tools can also fit our knowledgeable Consultants. The creation of analytical dashboards designed for higher management presentations has been praised more than once by our clients.  

Yolan Brems, Project Manager

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