27 November 2018 240

Why a Circular Economy is of high value for the Pharmaceutical Industry

If we want our economy to become more competitive and resilient; relieving the pressure on our resources and the environment, we should evolve into a circular economy. 

The pharmaceutical industry highly relies on chemical processes, who have an unavoidable negative impact on the environment. As human health is a core value for life sciences companies, it makes sense this industry is highly investing in clean chemistry

Knowing that climate change will be the biggest threat for human health this century, the switch to a circular economy must be high on the agenda.

In the article we are referring to below, you can find some concrete examples of how pharma companies are working towards cost-effective and resource-efficient innovations. 

Through a step by step transformation process, big pharmaceutical companies can extend conventional production facilities; while start-ups and SME's can choose for suppliers with a positive transformation approach towards clean chemistry.


How can we at CMAST help?

At CMAST, we provide Project Management support for a broad range of projects within the life sciences sector, both for SME's and large companies. In this way we have experienced examples of a circular economy in the pharmaceutical industry. We really believe this is extremely important; so we find it very encouraging to see this change. ​

Femke De Ruyck, Senior Project Manager

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