Strategic Collaborations
19 March 2019 103

How digital technology is transforming project management

The life sciences industry is embarking on a transformative technology journey. Many leading pharma and biotech companies are making digital transformation - whether it’s in the content management or data analytics space - an integral part of their corporate strategy nowadays. But will that be... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
05 March 2019 169

Solutions to Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Challenges

​The core competency of Pharmaceutical companies is to make drugs, to bring them to the market, and to get the right drug in the right patient’s hands as quickly as possible. This has become quite a challenge taking into account the complexities around logistics & regulatory requirements and... Read More

Research & Development
26 February 2019 116

Real-World Data (RWD) and Real-World Evidence (RWE) in the pharma ecosystem

Nowadays, thanks to the technological revolution, most of the healthcare facilities (clinics, hospitals, social media platforms) have gathered a huge amount of healthcare data worldwide. This so-called Real-World Data (RWD) can be coupled to smart analytical methods to generate new - so far unknown... Read More

Strategic Collaborations
19 February 2019 149

Challenges and Opportunities in Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations

Creating effective and efficient multi-stakeholder (research) collaborations is like building a house: if you don't consider all elements, see how they fit and work together, you will probably end up with output prone to malfunctioning and failure. There are however great insights on common... Read More

12 February 2019 74

Why you need a Business Analyst in your team

Business Analysts want to achieve the best possible return on investment (ROI) for every project they do. The ROI is the value or benefit the organization receives versus the investment it makes in a project.  The benefits can be: more revenue, more efficiency, less maintenance costs or even... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
05 February 2019 132

The Death of Supply Chain Management?

The supply chain often dictates the heartbeat of a company's operations. The underlying processes, planning, purchasing, manufacturing, order fulfillment, and logistics – even though supported by powerful ERP systems – today still require a lot of manual input as well as expert analysis and... Read More

Strategic Collaborations
22 January 2019 113

Common data models in real-world evidence

Real-world evidence (RWE) has shown its value during drug development on many occasions but is yet to prove it’s worth in the field of regulatory and healthcare decision-making. Generating RWE from the massive amount of heterogeneous healthcare data throughout Europe has proven to be quite a... Read More

Business & IT Services
15 January 2019 127

Building towards a data-driven organization

​Nowadays, transforming into a more digitalized business, is the number one priority of many organizations. Nonetheless, a digitalized organization cannot survive without data and data analytics. Typically, data and data analytics have been at the top of the CIO's agenda for many years, therefore... Read More